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New England meets Palm Beach: Classic interiors with a an element of fun

Meggie H. Interiors has created beautiful, comfortable, and functional interiors from Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts to Westport, Connecticut.  Meg's philosophy is that a home should reflect the people who inhabit it.  Therefore, she works to incorporate your family heirlooms and treasures collected over the years into her designs.  Meg also understands that your home is an investment.  This is why she believes that architectural elements such as millwork, flooring, and surface materials should lean toward traditional.  Trends come and go, but classic is forever.  However, traditional doesn't mean dull, every home needs a bit of fun and the unexpected.  Meg excels in giving just that with her use of paint, wall coverings, and fabric selections.

About Meg

I have always maintained a passion for decorating.  When I was a child,  I spent hours making floor plans, drawing interiors, and designing homes for my Barbies.  As a teen, when my friends were reading Vogue and Seventeen, I was immersed in my mother's Architectural Digests and Colonial Homes.  In my twenties, my free time was all about shopping for my home in local consignment shops, where I discovered a love for antiques and all things chinoiserie. Fast forward fifteen years later - After renovating and decorating five homes of my own and helping numerous friends with theirs, a dear friend, who was a successful interior designer and artist, told me that I needed to be doing this professionally. This was the spark that ignited the launch of Meggie H. Interiors.