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I have a special treat today!  We will be touring Meg Hosler’s home, that is Meg of Meggie H. Interiors.

Meg Hosler is the founder of Meggie H. Interiors.  As a former educator and full time mother, Meg has always maintained a passion for decorating.  Meg’s interest in decorating was very obvious from early on in her life as she enjoyed her mother’s decorating magazines instead of the usual teen ones.  I would say that’s a sure sign!

Meg’s obvious love for decorating was undeniable and instead of the usual gifts for a graduate she was received her first oriental rug.  Fortunately Meg’s husband was smart and understood his wife’s love for all things involved with interior decorating.   She chose beautiful paintings and furnishings to fill their lovely home.   After receiving encouragement from a dear friend, Meg started Meggie H. Interiors.  After fifteen years of renovating and decorating five homes of her own and helping numerous friends with theirs, Meg started Meggie H. Interiors in 2008, working part time while still maintaining focus on her family.  Eight years later with her first born setting off to college and her baby about to get his driver’s license, Meg is able to pursue her passion full time.